Best Places To Eat In C-ville

June 6, 2022 / By Drift Cville


Favorite Dish: Make it Hot Burger

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The Dairy Market is a cool and unique addition to Charlottesville. Located in what was once the Monticello Dairy, this renovated space has become a fun food hall with 18 vendors in total. As a majority of the vendors are restaurants, this means there is something for everyone if you are in a group that can’t seem to agree.

One of my favorite vendors is Grn Burger. I’m clearly a carnivore but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate plant based offerings and I’m a big fan of the Make it Hot burger. It’s the habanero street sauce for me – it has the perfect level of heat where it is spicy and delicious but not so overly hot you can’t taste or enjoy the burger itself.

Pair it with their Super Salad for a lighter touch or go with their fries if you want a classic touch. You won’t go wrong with either. Plus, since it’s located in the Dairy Market that means it’s near one of my favorite Breweries, Starr Hill. You can grab a burger and head over there for a beer and create a match made in Heaven.



Favorite Dish: Filet Mignon

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This one is a bit of a splurge but so worth it. It is also located in the Dairy Market but is their only full service restaurant and it is fantastic. I never understood people commenting on steak melting in your mouth until I had my first filet at South & Central; I don’t even like letting my husband have a bite because I want the full 8 oz for myself.

They cook their meat over wood fire and it gives such a great flavor. Plus, they put a lot of care in ensuring they get the best cuts of meat, rotating out suppliers for best quality, and know how to cook a steak to the exact right temperature.

While I honestly think it’s good enough without any sauce they do offer many options, like chimichurri and Aji Amarillo Aioli. This is also a fun spot for Saturday or Sunday brunch.



Favorite Dish: Cake Batter Ice Cream with Rainbow Sprinkles

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I wasn’t lying when I said Dairy Market has it all – and of course they would have an Ice Cream spot! Moo Thru is “real ice cream from real dairy farmers” who got their start when they wanted an outlet to sell their dairy products and it took off. After all, who else would you trust to bring you ice cream? It’s creamy and delicious and they have a ton of options regarding flavors and toppings. On any given night you’ll see a mix of families, UVA students, and people grabbing a sweet treat at Moo Thru and then strolling around the space.


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