Starr Hill Run Club

Dairy Market 946 Grady Avenue, Charlottesville

Join Starr Hill Brewery for a run around the neighborhood! We are excited to announce that Starr Hill Downtown will start a Sunday morning run club. Whether you're an experienced runner or looking to explore the local community, Starr Hill's run club is perfect for anyone seeking a refreshing morning activity. Click here for more information. Join us every Sunday at... DETAILS

Sip & Paint: Peonies With Shop Made in VA and Brigid & Bess

Dairy Market 946 Grady Avenue, Charlottesville

Join Brigid & Bess and Shop Made in VA as you paint your own Peony bloom paintings with these paint-by-number prints and matching paints from Cate Paper Co! Vintage peony illustration turned paint-by-number allows you to paint your own floral masterpiece! Makes for a fun and relaxing activity, and your finished paintings are suitable for hanging and enjoying for years... DETAILS