C-ville Best of Awards Nominations 2022

Please support Dairy Market and our amazing merchants by nominating us for the  Best of C-VILLE 2022 awards! Below are just some of the categories we determined were fit for ourselves, but feel free to nominate us in others.

To make a nomination: head to this link. Click the “Start nominating” button to navigate through the entire ballot, or choose a category below to go directly to the sub-category you want. Once you’ve found the one you’re interested in, either choose your favorite from the list or, if you don’t see it, start typing. Your choice will appear or it will be added once you hit “Nominate.” Nominations end Sunday, May 15, and final voting begins Wednesday, June 1.


Dairy Market:

  1. City Vibes
    1. Building
    2. Cheap Date
    3. First Date
    4. Instagrammable Spot
  2. Weddings (nominate Dairy Market’s event space, the Brick Cellar)
    1. Rehearsal dinner venue
    2. Wedding Venue
  3. Family & Kids
    1. Kid-friendly restaurant
    2. Place to throw a kid’s birthday party

Our Merchants:

  1. Food & Drink
    1. Restaurant: South and Central
    2. Chef: South and Central’s Chef Kelvino
    3. New Restaurant
    4. Restaurant Wine List
    5. Brunch
    6. Coffeehouse
    7. Bakery
    8. Sandwich shop/deli
    9. Bar Scene
    10. Bartender
    11. Beer list
    12. Craft Cocktails
    13. Large local brewery
    14. Small local brewery
    15. Place for leftovers
    16. Food Truck
    17.  Vegetarian-Friendly
    18. Italian
    19. Pad Thai
    20. Takeout
    21. Soul Food
    22. Burger
    23. Fried Chicken
    24. Pizza
    25. BBQ
    26. Steak
    27. Wings
    28. Tacos
    29. Dietary or allergy-friendly
    30. Frozen treat
    31. Specialty foods made in Charlottesville
  2. Entertainment
    1. Small Music Venue: Starr Hill Brewery
  3. Shopping
    1. Gift Shop
    2. Shoe store