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Contact Bee Conscious Baking Company at 757-784-7621.

A community business, supporting the community, for the community.
Husband and wife team, Alexis and Patrick, are the power and energy behind Bee Conscious Baking Company. Patrick grows everything on their Goochland, Virginia farm, and Alexis bakes with the items he grows. They wanted to create something that people knew would be coming straight from their local farm – something that would put smiles on faces and warm feelings in bellies.
They selected their name from their love of bees. Raising awareness for the bee population’s decline is extremely important to them and why they chose the bee as their mascot. They strive to “Bee Conscious” as much as possible – using biodegradable packaging, planting hundreds of pollinating plants, sourcing local ingredients for what they can’t, or don’t grow themselves.
Visitors to their Dairy Market shop can purchase their farm’s eggs, produce, and all of Alexis’ delicious pastries and cakes. They can’t wait to welcome you to Bee Conscious Baking Company!