• Mon 11:00 am — 10:00 pm
  • Tue 11:00 am — 10:00 pm
  • Wed 11:00 am — 10:00 pm
  • Thu 11:00 am — 10:00 pm
  • Fri 11:00 am — 10:00 pm
  • Sat 11:00 am — 10:00 pm
  • Sun 11:00 am — 10:00 pm

NOTE: The restaurant is closed between 2:30pm and 5:00pm. Food service is still available through The Milkman’s Bar during that time.

South and Central Latin Grill and Steakhouse is the newest addition to Charlottesville’s Dairy Market. In our exhibition kitchen, carefully selected cuts of beef are prepared over an open flame and accompanied by composed dishes featuring South and Central American cuisine. We take ingredient sourcing seriously and work with a variety of local farmers to ensure the right steak for every cut. We can’t wait to serve you!

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