Two Cocktails Clinking Cheers

Richmond Magazine: Edible Escapes

By Eileen Mellon| June 11, 2021 at 2:55 PM EST 

While Richmond awaits a food hall of its own, our Wahoo neighbors have beat us to it with December’s debut of an 18-vendor space in downtown Charlottesville dubbed Dairy Market. Bringing life to the historic Monticello Dairy Building, the space is home to a hand-selected collection of food experiences, from popular lunch purveyors Take It Away sandwiches and Dino’s Wood-Fired Pizza & Rotisserie Chicken to food cart favorite turned brick-and-mortar Angelic’s Kitchen, a plant-based iteration from Citizen Burger Bar, and a forthcoming fine-dining restaurant focused on the flavors of South America called South and Central. Offering patrons a choose-your-own-destiny dining experience, a must-stop is The Milkman’s Bar, a dedicated cocktail lab where spirit scientists experiment with New Age riffs on cocktail classics. For “Parts Unknown” — a spin on a sour — egg whites are expeditiously shaken in a mesmerizing Willy Wonka-esque machine during a theatrical mixologist performance. At the Thai eatery Chimm Street, the cold vermicelli noodle bowl is refreshing and bright, while the husband-and-wife-run operation Bee Conscious Baking Co. churns out decadent macarons and “brookies” — a vegan and gluten-free brownie-cookie creation with crisp edges and a gooey center — alongside produce, eggs and honey from their farm. Pro move? Boxing up some baked goods for the road.

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