Starr Hill Brewery teams up with Chris Long Foundation

November 1, 2023

By:  Maggie Glasswith NBC29

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) – A Charlottesville brewery is celebrating a new partnership with the Chris Long Foundation.

To celebrate this partnership, Chris Long came to the Starr Hill Brewery’s Charlottesville location.

“I played 11 years in the NFL,” Chris Long said. “I couldn’t wait to come back and move here, I’m raising my kids here, grew up here, so it’s home to me and I want to treat it like home and that means investing in it.”

The Chris Long Foundation focuses on raising awareness about clean water

The new “Draft Pic Pale Ale” is described as: “The ideal companion for enjoying gridiron action on a crisp Autumn afternoon.”

“One of our brewers wrote the recipe here with Chris and his causes in mind,” Cromwell said. “It’s a great beer.”

At the launch, Long spent time mingling with the community and even pouring a few beers.

“This is not a front,” Long said. “We really do care about being here at home.”

r access and educational equity, both in the Charlottesville community and beyond.

“We love partnering with local businesses,” Long said. “Star Hill is a great brand, a group that I’ve been drinking their beer for a long time.”

Through the partnership, Starr Hill became a sponsor of the foundation.

The brewery says it’s excited to start spending lots of charitable dollars towards the organization.

“Clean water is a really important part of the brewery community in the beer industry, and the most important ingredient in our product,” Starr Hill Brewery Vice President Josh Cromwell said.

The new ale will be available starting November 1st and will serve as a reminder of this newfound partnership.

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