Vintage Image of the Monticello Dairy, circa 1937

Evolving from the historic Monticello Dairy to Dairy Market

Dairy Market traces its local roots to 1912 with the formation of the Monticello Ice Cream Company, which purchased cream and other raw materials from the Colthurst Farm on Barracks Road. In those days ic e cream was delivered throughout the city on a hor se and buggy. By the 1930’s the company had grown to produce milk, butter and cheese and was renamed Monticello Dairy, Inc. In 1936 famed local architect Elmer Burruss was commissioned to design and construct the historic Monticello Dairy building which became an iconic community gathering place – popular with locals for it’s ice cream parlor and event room. Dairy Market will build on this ic onic local brand and continue the farm to table tradition begun in the early days of the facility.

Come join us in celebrating Charlottesville history while making some of your own – at Dairy Market.