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APRIL 11, 2019

Beyond a retailer’s shopping experience, the retail center and physical store design can captivate consumers and further a community. Shopping centers should seek attractive and accessible designs. As social media becomes further intertwined with the Millennial and Gen Z shopping experience, design elements such as artistic wall murals, open kitchens, or vertical gardens can garner the attention of a visitor who soaks in a unique design feature, snaps a photo, and shares it on their social accounts – organic and free online advertising for the restaurant, retailer or shopping center.

AUGUST 31, 2018

Thank you to Charlottesville Tomorrow on the following article covering our exciting groundbreaking: by Emily Hays | Thursday, August 23, 2018 at 10:30 a.m. (Photo credit: Emily Hays) Developers, architects, builders and realtors scattered soil on Tuesday to begin construction of the first of three new buildings on Preston Avenue. The complex, known as Dairy Central, will include food stalls, restaurants, office… DETAILS

AUGUST 20, 2018

Join us Wednesday, August 22nd at 11:30a.m. for our groundbreaking ceremony. 946 Grady Avenue, Charlottesville VA

AUGUST 20, 2018

Dairy Market traces its local roots to 1912 with the formation of the Monticello Ice Cream Company, which purchased cream and other raw materials from the Colthurst Farm on Barracks Road. In those days ic e cream was delivered throughout the city on a hor se and buggy. By the 1930’s the company had grown to produce milk, butter and… DETAILS

AUGUST 7, 2018

Dairy Market is a nod to the past and a step into the future, bringing the national Food Hall revolution to Charlottesville while reviving a cherished community treasure located right in the heart of the city. Few places in the world boast the combination of history, agricultural, culinary and artistic treasures that exist in Charlottesville, making Dairy Market the perfect… DETAILS